Foreign Ministry says Turkish provocations in buffer zone need to be addressed on basis of UNFICYP mandate

Cyprus Foreign Ministry has pointed out that addressing in a decisive manner, on the basis of UNFICYP mandate, the Turkish provocations and violations along and near the buffer zone on the island, is of great importance for the promotion of stability and security in Cyprus, as well as for the efforts to resume the UN-backed talks for the Cyprus problem.
In a statement issued Thursday, following the adoption by the UN Security Council of Resolution 2506 , extending the mandate of the UN peace keeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) for six more months, the Foreign Ministry stressed out that in the light of the consultations that took place before the adoption of the Resolution, tactics aimed at giving the impression that the Cyprus issue is a matter of stabilizing relations between the two communities do not contribute to a solution as foreseen by the relevant UN resolutions.


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from Cyprus News Agency
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