EUCO President tells CNA that EU27 physical meeting is needed for in depth discussions on Turkey

A physical meeting of the European Council is necessary for the EU27 to discuss deeply the situation with Turkey, but the EUs solidarity with Greece and Cyprus is real, and the European Council will revert to the issue shortly, the President of the European Council Charles Michel told CNA, after the EUCO teleconference on Belarus. More specifically called by CNA to comment on the possibility of imposing extra sanctions on Turkey for its activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, Charles Michel stated the following:

"Solidarity by the European Council with Greece and Cyprus was expressed very clearly, it was repeated today and expressed regularly and I said this earlier on when I gave my introduction. Now, I did announce formally in July that it is our intention to hold a special European Council with physical presence, in Brussels, and you need to understand that it is impor


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from Cyprus News Agency
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