EU Summit is of vital importance concerning Turkish provocations, President says

The EU Summit which begins tomorrow in Brussels is of “vital importance” in ensuring that the verbal assurances of support are finally matched by decisive actions vis-à-vis Turkey,” Cyprus President has said.
Addressing a virtual event hosted by PSEKA to honour the 60th anniversary of the independence of Cyprus, Anastasiades stressed that it is our clear position that decisive action “is the only way for Turkey to refrain from continuing with its gun-boat diplomacy, threats and behavior of intimidation,” recalling the example of the de-escalation in the Aegean.

“In the case of Cyprus,” he said, “unfortunately, so far the policy of rapprochement has fully failed taking also into account that a few days prior to the postponed European Council of 24 and 25 September, Turkey renewed its two illegal NAVTEX within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Rep


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from Cyprus News Agency
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