NPLs in Cyprus rise slightly in April

Non-performing loans (NPLs) rose slightly in April corresponding to 27.7% of total loans, according to data released by the Central Bank of Cyprus on Monday.
According to the CBC data, NPLs in April rose to €8.95 billion from €8.92 billion in the previous month. As per the directive of the European Banking Authority (EBA) NPLs include restructured facilities which are considered as NPLs at least for a one year curation period.
As a percentage of total loans, NPLs remained unchanged to 27.7% in April due to the increase in total loans which amounted to €32.3 billion compared with €32.2 in the previous month.
Loans in arrears over 90 days (90 DPD), which do not include restructured facilities, rose for a fourth consecutive month in 2020 to €7.62 billion from €7.56 billion the previous month and amount to 23.6% of total loans.


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