The fate of not even half of the missing persons has been established due to Turkey's stance, House President says

Forty-six years after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and despite the efforts made by the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) it has not been possible to establish the fate of not even half of the missing persons, mainly due to the stance of Turkey, Cyprus House President Adamos Adamou has said.

Speaking on Friday before the House plenary, Adamou referred to October 29th which has been set by the House of Representatives as the Missing Persons Day, and expressed once again the parliament’s support to the families of missing persons and its insistence on the establishment of their fate, calling on Turkey to contribute to the settlement of this humanitarian problem.

Meanwhile, the House plenary also observed on the occasion of the Oxi day, celebrated on October 28th, a one minute silence for all those who lost their lives fighting fascism.


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from Cyprus News Agency
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