Cabinet to discuss proposal by inter-ministerial committee on how to address the pandemic

A proposal with new measures to address the pandemic, formulated on Tuesday by the inter-ministerial committee on COVID-19, will be submitted to the Council of Ministers, meeting later this evening, for discussion and final decisions, said Government Spokesman Kyriacos Koushos.
Speaking after a meeting of political party leaders, at the Presidential Palace, which convened on Wednesday morning under the President of Cyprus, Koushos said that President Anastasiades informed the party leaders about the government’s intentions on how to address the pandemic.
In cases like this, the government takes its decisions after taking into serious consideration the views expressed by epidemiologists, as well as on the basis of a series of parameters, that have to do with the economy, education, social life and people’s daily life, Koushos went on.


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from Cyprus News Agency
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