Cyprus to tap capital markets through reopening of existing of 2024 and 2040 bonds

Cyprus announced it will tap two existing bonds maturing in 2024 and 2040 for a minimum amount of €500 million, in a bid to replace more expensive debt expiring by end-2020 with cheaper debt.
“The REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS, rated BBB- (stable) by Standard and Poor`s, Ba2 (positive) by Moody`s, BBB- (stable) by Fitch and BBBL (stable) by DBRS, has mandated Citi, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs International Bank and HSBC for a dual-tranche re-opening of the Republic’s existing RegS, CACs benchmarks (registered form) maturing on 3rd December 2024 and 21st January 2040, with a minimum size of EUR250mn for each tranche. Listing London Stock Exchange (Regulated Market).


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from Cyprus News Agency
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