President Anastasiades to receive Athens Gold Medal of Honour

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades will receive Athens municipality’s Gold Medal of Honour in recognition of his efforts for the reunification of the island, Director of the President`s press office, Victoras Papadopoulos, said in a written statement on Friday, noting that Anastasiades will receive the Medal during a ceremony that will take place in the Greek capital on October 26.

Papadopoulos noted that Athens’ municipal council said their decision to award Anastasiades with the Gold Medal of Honour was “in recognition of his efforts for the peaceful reunification of sister Cyprus for the benefit of the entire Cypriot people, for the strengthening of the indestructible and inseparable Greek and Cypriot ties, the steadfast defence of the democratic and human values ​​that unite us, his commitment to the vision of a Europe of solidarity, growth and social cohesion and his


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from Cyprus News Agency
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