Police inspect 711 premises booking 12 people for violating Covid-19 decrees

Police have carried out a total of 711 checks on premises overnight throughout Cyprus to ensure compliance with the measures put in place to curb the spread of Coronavirus on the island that yielded 12 bookings of persons who were caught violating the decrees issued by the Minister of Health.

A Police Press Officer told CNA that 34 checks carried out in Nicosia with no booking, in Limassol 38 checks and 2 bookings, in Larnaka 169 and one booking, in Paphos 135 checks and 8 bookings, in Famagusta 196 checks and 1 booking and in Morfou 139 checks and no any bookings.  

Out of the 12 bookings 6 concern bar, 4 restaurants, 1 tavern and 1 café.


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from Cyprus News Agency
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